How To Maintain Your Kitten\’s Litter Box?

When you are bringing a kitten in your home, you must know that what type of litter the kitten has been given by the previous owner. Some cats are really fussy. But, if you know all these things about your kitty from the beginning, then you can make the necessary changes in your home.

There are distinct types of litters available in the market. You can buy a cat litter tray keeping in mind its features. Some litters are created from very large sized, coarse materials, like pine. Some litters are not safe for your kittens, such as litters that give out more dust or litters that are clumping kind.

Like a dog toilet tray, a cat litter too needs to be chosen perfectly. Usually, kitten can accidentally ingest the clumping kind of litter. This is not a good thing and even your kitty can suffer from stomach ache. Non-clumping type litter is less costly than the clumping type. The former can perfectly remove odors, but the kitten’s urine may saturate the whole litter and so you may have to change the litter completely.

Use a scooper – Do the usage of a scooper that is created of sturdy plastic or metal for removing the feces and the clumped urine. When you will keep the box litter free, there will be no odour and so your kitten will use the litter box again. You must scoop only once in a day. You have to scoop more if you have more cats. It is advisable to clean your scooper for preventing the spread of bacteria. You ought to clean your hands after cleaning the litter box. You can clean the litter box by wearing gloves also.

The level of litter must be maintained – After cleaning the litter box completely, you should fill it with sufficient proportion of litter. Your cat’s preference of litter may differ. Keep in mind to keep the litter near two inches deep as majority of the cats prefer it.

Replace the litter – Dump the old litter and replace it with the fresh litter. You have to replace non-clumping kind of litter two times in a week. But, for the clumping kind of litter, you have to clean the litter box each day. If you notice many clumps, then you have to replace the litter as soon as possible. Do the scrubbing of your kitten’s litter box -When you will replace the litter each day, you have to wash the box properly. You can clean the litter box by using warm water and dish soap.

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